Colombo City Centre

The sounds of the hustle and bustle of the city die away as you watch the sunset in an array of orange, pink and red over the serene emerald-green Beira Lake, which is set against the brilliant backdrop of the downtown Colombo city skyline. Then the exquisite distant Indian Ocean coastline appears in your line of sight, basking in the setting Sunís radiant glow. These mesmerizing views no longer have to remain a dream, they can be fully made a reality through the Colombo City Centre. This 50 storey Colombo City Centre mixed-use lifestyle Centre comprises of Shopping Mall, Luxury Apartments and a Hotel. It is one of the high-end project beyond the ordinary that offers amenities adding to the quality lifestyle of Sri Lanka.

Colombo City Centre Partners (Pvt) Ltd
US$ 108 million
January 2020