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Our Vision

To be Sri Lanka’s premier construction service provider.

Our Mission

To provide a quality professional service, exceeding customer expectations, by the effective utilisation of all resources, with the best practice of the industry.

Quality Policy

We, at Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd., are a team committed to provide a quality products and services at an affordable price and on time, in the execution of construction projects and in the manufacture of related products, with the support of our valuable suppliers and in total harmony with the society and the environment.
We are further committed, to satisfy our customers whilst improving the quality of life of our people and thereby improving the viability of our organization.
We value team work, efficiency, responsibility and responsiveness to achieve these goals, through optimization of resources and continual improvements of our systems at all levels of operation to further enhance the quality of our products & services.

Environmental Policy

Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading Construction Company and RMC manufactures of Sri Lanka. We fully understand the severity of pollution generated by construction and RMC manufacturing processes and therefore we are fully committed to reduce all the significant environmental impacts resulting from our activities, products and services by incorporating recycle, recover and reuse options to provide a better, cleaner and safer environment for sustainable development. To achieve our goals we are putting our best efforts for success establishment, implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management System (EMS) according to International Standard ISO 14001:2004.

We are committed to :
  • • Comply with all the legal and other requirements to which Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd subscribes.

  • • Continually improve the Environmental Management System by regular monitoring and reviewing our objectives, targets and programs.

  • • Provide training to our workforce and staff on regular basis when and where required for improvement in their professional skills and attitude for the effective implementation of EMS.

  • • Communicate our Environmental policy at all levels i.e. internally as well as externally and to the general public or any other interested parties whenever they ask for it.

Health & Safety (HS) Policy

Effective implementation of integrated management systems is the core of our business strategy.

  • • We at Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. are working as a team to make customer prefer our works and services to retain our position as leading supplier of engineering works and service.

  • • We are sensitive to our customer changes needs including demands for EW&S and are bringing continual improvement in our management system and employee’s skills to satisfy those needs.

  • • We are also determined to provide safe and secure working conditions to our employees to prevent the injury, ill health and/or other incident and are adopting all appropriate measures for prevention of pollution to our Environment and neighbours

  • • We recognize and committed to comply all applicable Sri-Lanka legislation to provide & maintain safe, healthy and comfortable work environments for our staff sub-contractors, suppliers, customers, visitors & neighbours.