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Our Vision

To be Sri Lanka’s premier construction service provider.

Our Mission

To provide a quality professional service, exceeding customer expectations, by the effective utilisation of all resources, with the best practice of the industry.

Quality Policy

We at Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. are a team commited to provide high quality products and services, that confirm to the requirements of our customers in the execution of construction projects and in the manufacture of Ready Mix Concrete. To achieve sustained success, we strive to exceed our customer expectations in the execution of our business activities.

We are commited to comply with applicable statutory,regulatory, legislative & contractual requirements in the execution of our businees activities in Sri lanka.

To manage our organization effectively & efficiently, we aim to recruit & retain highly motivated, competent people as well as we stimulate their full involvement in order to develop their abilitities for the benifit of the individual & our organization.

To optimize performance through effective process management, we manage our activities & associated resources as a planned process to produce the right products at right time with a minimum wastage while aiming to maximize efficiency.

We structured our processes into a quality management system which meet the ISO 9001 :2015 International standard requirements.

To improve the current level of our Quality Management System, we are always commited to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

To produce desired results, we measure our performance in our key activities based on the evaluation of collected data & information to make informed & effective decisions on how to improve the processes.

For sustained the success of our business, we manage our relationship with our clients,external providers & collaborative business partners.

Environmental Policy

Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading Construction Company and Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) manufactures of Sri Lanka. We fully understand the severity of pollution generated by construction and RMC manufacturing processes and therefore we are fully committed to reduce all the significant environmental impacts resulting from our activities, products and services. To achieve our goals we are putting our best efforts for success establishment, implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management System (EMS) according to International Standard ISO 14001:2015.

We are committed to;
  • • Ensure that good environmental management is an essential part of our business culture in the way of communicating the EMS policy to all employees.

  • • Strive to ensure that all employees, contractors, customers and members of the public are aware of the environmental impacts of our business and understand how we can work together in order to meet the needs of our business in a safe and sustainable manner. In this regard we seek to provide leadership towards continual improvement.

  • • Report and audit our environmental performance as a means to improve accountability and to drive continual improvement of our EMS.

  • • Ensure that employees and other stakeholders are made aware of their individual responsibilities contained within our EMS by effective communication.

  • • Ensure that the relevant needs and expectations of Interested Parties are considered and met if deemed to be compliance obligations.

  • • Plan to achieve our environmental objectives by;
    • Reducing energy and resource consumption.
    • Minimizing the amount of waste generated.
    • Reducing emissions to air.
    • Preventing pollution.
    • Re-using and recycle where possible.

  • • Conduct an effective information, education and communication program for all stakeholders, including its top management, officials, and employees, to heighten environmental awareness and responsibility.

  • • Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory & legislative requirements (Sri Lanka Environmental Authority and Board of Investment of Sri Lanka - BOI) and International Standards those are applicable to the operations of Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd.

  • • Ensure that goods and services are procured in a sustainable manner and encourage our suppliers and contractors to improve their own environmental performance.

Health & Safety (HS) Policy

Effective implementation of integrated management systems is the core of our business strategy.

  • • We at Sanken Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. are working as a team to make customer prefer our works and services to retain our position as leading supplier of engineering works and service.

  • • We are sensitive to our customer changes needs including demands for EW&S and are bringing continual improvement in our management system and employee’s skills to satisfy those needs.

  • • We are also determined to provide safe and secure working conditions to our employees to prevent the injury, ill health and/or other incident and are adopting all appropriate measures for prevention of pollution to our Environment and neighbours

  • • We recognize and committed to comply all applicable Sri-Lanka legislation to provide & maintain safe, healthy and comfortable work environments for our staff sub-contractors, suppliers, customers, visitors & neighbours.